Eight Week Update on First Clownfish Fry

Well today is exactly 8 weeks from when my first batch of clownfish were hatched. I’m really excited that I’ve been able to get them through the toughest parts of being a baby clownfish. Well, two out of the three that hatched (hey, I’ll take 66% success at this point!). Specifically, from larvae through metamorphosis […]

10 Days Post Hatch Update

Just a really quick update here. Not much has changed with the fry. I still have three babies and so far they seem to be doing well. I’m expecting them to finish metamorphosis very soon and look more like baby clownfish and less like larvae.

5 Days Past Hatch Update

It’s been 5 days now since my first ever batch of clownfish larvae have hatched. In my previous post I said I had 1 tiny larva. Once the water cleared, and presumably a couple additional eggs may have hatched, I have 3 clownfish larvae.

So Far, So… Ok

It’s been extremely busy since my clownfish laid their first eggs! Actually, it’s now been 9 days since they were laid. Unfortunately, only one egg has hatched. What started as a nest of about 50 eggs or so is now 1 clownfish larva and about 8 eggs. Not so good.

First Clutch of Eggs Laid!

Well, I honestly wasn’t expecting them to lay for a little while longer, but to my surprise my fish had laid their first clutch of eggs yesterday! It’s not a huge nest but so far they seem to be doing fine.