Eight Week Update on First Clownfish Fry

Well today is exactly 8 weeks from when my first batch of clownfish were hatched. I’m really excited that I’ve been able to get them through the toughest parts of being a baby clownfish. Well, two out of the three that hatched (hey, I’ll take 66% success at this point!). Specifically, from larvae through metamorphosis and now to just young clownfish that are eating well and growing! [Continue reading]

10 Days Post Hatch Update

Just a really quick update here. Not much has changed with the fry. I still have three babies and so far they seem to be doing well. I’m expecting them to finish metamorphosis … [Continue reading]

5 Days Past Hatch Update

It’s been 5 days now since my first ever batch of clownfish larvae have hatched. In my previous post I said I had 1 tiny larva. Once the water cleared, and presumably a couple … [Continue reading]

So Far, So… Ok

It’s been extremely busy since my clownfish laid their first eggs! Actually, it’s now been 9 days since they were laid. Unfortunately, only one egg has hatched. What started … [Continue reading]

First Clutch of Eggs Laid!

Well, I honestly wasn’t expecting them to lay for a little while longer, but to my surprise my fish had laid their first clutch of eggs yesterday! It’s not a huge nest but so … [Continue reading]