10 Days Post Hatch Update

Just a really quick update here. Not much has changed with the fry. I still have three babies and so far they seem to be doing well. I’m expecting them to finish metamorphosis very soon and look more like baby clownfish and less like larvae.

Since this is the first time I’ve experienced this I don’t know exactly how long it takes or what it looks like. But I believe they are going through meta right now. They are definitely growing and they look quite orange, almost red. But they are still shaped like larvae and not clownfish. Also their tail fins seem to curl uncontrollably, which I’ve read in Clownfishes is a sign of metamorphosis. I also read that this is the most sensitive time for a baby clown, and that losses often occur during meta, but hopefully all three of mine will pull through! I should hopefully know in a day or two.

Below is a short video of my fry at 9 days past hatch. The video isn’t great but at least it shows 2 of the fish and you can (sort of) see what they look like. Definitely need to upgrade my video camera! The stuff floating at the top is the food. I had just fed them Otohime A and B1.

Status of Nest #2

Unfortunately, the entire second clutch of eggs is gone. They only lasted a few days. Not exactly sure what happened but I did notice the female was in the pot a lot and tending to the eggs. I think now that she was pulling them and eating them. What I don’t know is why.

I have two theories:

  1. The eggs weren’t fertilized properly. I think this could be the case simply because it was only their second time spawning and the first time they laid eggs on the top of the pot. They might not yet have mastered the upside down swimming motion that they need to fertilize all the eggs.
  2. They aren’t eating well enough. For some reason they seem to suddenly have gotten very picky about what they eat. I don’t know why or how to change it yet, but they seem to not be touching pellets at all and even when I feed frozen foods like Marine Cuisine or even mysis shrimp, they aren’t “attacking” the food like clowns often do. The only thing they really seem to love is Nutrimar Ova (shrimp spawn).

So that’s where I’m at with them. Hopefully they’ll continue to breed (I have no reason to believe they wouldn’t) and hopefully they’ll get better at it – soon! If they stay on track, they should lay another nest next weekend. They laid the first on a Monday and the next nest 13 days later on Sunday. So if they stay on the 13 day cycle then the next nest would be laid on Saturday, October 5th. I’ll keep you updated!

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