5 Days Past Hatch Update

It’s been 5 days now since my first ever batch of clownfish larvae have hatched. In my previous post I said I had 1 tiny larva. Once the water cleared, and presumably a couple additional eggs may have hatched, I have 3 clownfish larvae.

I’ve had all 3 since I could first see clearly in the water. I tinted the water with algae to feed the rotifers that I had placed in there as food for the tiny fish. There are a few ways to feed the larvae. You can either add algae to the larval rearing tank or just add rotifers without algae. I chose to add the thick green algae because I was short on rotifers and this way they will breed in the tank while simultaneously feeding the fish.

Now at 5 days past hatch (dph) the water is fairly clear. I’ve stopped adding rotifers to the tank and might actually need to remove some. Three clownfish larvae can only eat so many rotifers! I’ve also been adding Otohime A since day 2. It’s really hard to tell if they actually eat any of it at all or not. I’m going to try to rear the fish without feeding them baby brine shrimp so I really hope they are eating at least some of the Otohime. Time will tell I suppose.

I’ll be extremely happy if I can get these 3 fish through metamorphosis (meta), which should happen some time later this week. It will probably be between Thursday and Saturday, so will be keeping fingers crossed toward the end of the week! I can definitely tell they have grown quite a bit since I first saw them and the fact that they’ve made it this far is a good sign. But from everything I’ve read, meta is the most sensitive time and often when people lose the most fish.

Second Nest Laid

In related news, the happy couple laid their second nest on Sunday at around 4pm. I was actually able to watch them go through the egg-laying routine a bit this time, which was really interesting (clownfish perv – I know, haha). They laid the eggs on the top of the pot this time, which I found a bit amazing actually. It could completely be a coincidence, but my guess is that they realized the worms were eating their eggs last time, so laying on the top side of the pot instead of the bottom should protect the eggs better. Of course, I’ve removed the worms anyway, but I thought it showed quite a bit of intelligence from the parent fish. Survival of the fittest indeed!

This nest is not huge, but does seem larger than the first. It’s a bit harder to see the eggs since they are on the top side of the pot in the shadows. I need to give the glass a good cleaning and use a flashlight to get a good look. But my best guess says there are probably 100 or so eggs this time. With much less chance of predation, I’d expect to get a much better batch of larvae this time.

They should be ready to hatch by Sunday or Monday I believe. But I was wrong last time so… We’ll see!

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