First Clutch of Eggs Laid!

Well, I honestly wasn’t expecting them to lay for a little while longer, but to my surprise my fish had laid their first clutch of eggs yesterday! It’s not a huge nest but so far they seem to be doing fine. I know from reading that often times the first few batches of eggs don’t even make it to hatch as the parents learn the ropes of tending to the nest. Will see how it goes but looks like most of the eggs are still there on day 2.

I’ll probably try to raise the fry although I’m not completely prepared. Hopefully I can get some young clownfish from it, but if nothing else I should gain some experience in trying to raise the baby clowns.

clownfish tending eggs

Male clownfish (Beta) tending the eggs while the female (Alpha) stays close by.

As long as I keep them happy they should continue to lay about every two weeks so by next time I should be much more prepared.

Here’s a short video taken within an hour or two after the nest being laid:

Check out this clownfish breeding guide for more information on getting your clownfish to start breeding!