So Far, So… Ok

It’s been extremely busy since my clownfish laid their first eggs! Actually, it’s now been 9 days since they were laid. Unfortunately, only one egg has hatched. What started as a nest of about 50 eggs or so is now 1 clownfish larva and about 8 eggs. Not so good. But at least one has hatched and there’s a chance the others will hatch tonight. If they don’t hatch tonight unfortunately I’ll have to give up on the remaining eggs so that they don’t die in the tank and foul up the water.

I knew from the time they laid that there would be little chance of successfully raising these baby clowns. I was not prepared – I had no food, no tank set up, and no other supplies that I would need. So I quickly and busily set out to gather everything I needed. By Friday I had my rotifer culture started and felt a little more prepared.

I’ve been reading and re-reading as much as possible. I’ve read Joyce Wilkerson’s book, Clownfishes, several times and have gone over the sections on raising rotifers and larvae many more times. I also wanted to mention that my online go-to has been Pickle’s Guide to Breeding Clowns from nano-reef. I’ve found this simple guide to be very helpful and refer to it quite a bit.

On Sunday my inexperience got the best of me and I thought the eggs looked ready to hatch so I pulled the pot. So they’ve been in the larvae tank for several days now. That’s not ideal for sure. Next time I hope to be able to time it better so that when I pull the pot the eggs hatch that night.

Also, to my surprise I found 50 to 100 bristle worms under the pot! No doubt they have been feasting on clownfish eggs at night while Alpha and Beta sleep, none the wiser. Errr, well, I spent time pulling out every worm so I’m hoping that I didn’t disturb the fish too much where they wouldn’t lay another nest. Only time will tell now I suppose.

Hopefully at the very least I can raise my one little fish. I am much more confident now that the next nest (fingers crossed that there will be a next nest soon) will be much better.

I’ve recently written a guide to breeding clownfish based on my experiences. Please check it out and feel free to share it!